Terms & Conditions

Application users, prospective policyholders and/or prospective insureds ("You") are expected to carefully read the terms and conditions below. In addition, you are also expected to read the general terms set out after this terms and conditions section.

  1. General
    1. Vida is an application for searching and/or buying insurance products, owned and developed by PT Lippo Life Assurance ("Insurer") ("Application"),
    2. The Insurer is a limited liability company legally established and subject to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia as well as carrying out insurance business activities.
    3. You are responsible for ensuring that the insurance product you choose in this Application suits your needs.
    4. Every time you access and use this Application, you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions.
    5. You can see any amendments to the terms and conditions via the site www.kenalvida.com. If you do not agree to the amendments, you can discontinue using the Application.
    6. These terms and conditions apply insofar as you use the Application and insofar as the Insurer does not terminate or close the Application.
    7. In addition to these terms and conditions, you are hereby also subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance product you choose. Therefore you are obligated to ensure that you have read and understood all terms and conditions of the Insurance product, including among others a summary of product and service information as well as the terms and conditions in the policy.
  2. Application Aspect
    1. General
      1. Materials in the Application are provided "as is" and "as available". The Insurer does not provide any warranties related to any matter in connection with the Application and its materials.
      2. You release the Insurer from all claims in connection with the Use of the Application.
      3. The Insurer may at any time delete or replace materials in the Application, as well as make periodic updates or improvements to the Application.
      4. Platforms are the Application (Android or IOS version) and web application (application accessible via the web), which are managed by the Insurer from time to time.
      5. The Application functions to market insurance products that are owned and developed by the Insurer.
      6. In the Application there are main features that will facilitate you to submit insurance application and coverage developed by the Insurer. In addition, you can also choose additional protection offered by the insurance product through the Application.
      7. In addition to the features, there are other features that may be added by the Insurer from time to time.
      8. Any features in the Application can be updated or changed by the Insurer according to the needs and development of the Application.
      9. The Application allows you to submit requests for a feature to the Insurer. However, the Insurer has full discretion and authority to accept or reject your request for features in the Application. If the Insurer accepts your request, the Application will give you notification and provide information to the Insurer.
      10. The Insurer does not make any representations or warranties for the completeness or accuracy of the information in the Application. You will not hold the Insurer solely responsible as a source of information for your decision-making and you are expected to confirm or verify such information by contacting the Insurer. Any information provided on the Application may contain typographical errors or technical inaccuracies, which will be subject to changes and improvements to the Application.
    2. Access
      1. The Insurer gives you revocable, non-exclusive, and unassignable limited access to download and use the Application for the use of insurance and related services. You are fully responsible for using access to the Application. You must ensure that only you will access this Application, and you will regularly check this Application because notifications or communications directed to you may be provided through this Application.
      2. You can access insurance and related services from the Insurer on the Application via a cellphone or computer if you have registered yourself and already have an account. The Insurer links the account with your e-mail address and/or telephone number.
      3. You will be fully responsible for the security and accessibility of the features when you access or use the Insurer's Application which may affect your activities or preferences, including but not limited to:
        1. managing and updating setting on your browser, mobile device or computer to access and download the Application;
        2. collecting and retaining cookies on the device you use;
        3. logging in and logging out properly and completely from the device you use;
        4. tracking your activities;
        5. updating your account information as well as activity setting or notification messages on the Application.
      4. You are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your credentials to access and use the Application. Therefore, you are advised to log out after using the Application.
      5. You are not allowed to change, abuse, or modify the Application in any way.
      6. The Insurer does not guarantee the availability of access and security of the internet connection required for you to access the Application. The availability of access and security of the internet connection are your full responsibility.
      7. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your data in accessing and using the Application. You are also responsible for all activities carried out under your account.
      8. The Insurer is entitled to limit access to your account or stop any activities on your account if the Insurer finds a violation of the applicable legal provisions, terms and conditions, or other legal documents that bind you and the Insurer, or if necessary for protection of the Application.
      9. You are deemed to have known that access, distribution, and transfer of information can occur via the internet and the Insurer does not have full capacity to eliminate all risks related to the security of internet transmission, therefore this is a risk acknowledged and accepted by you in continuing to use or allowing access to your information through the Application.
      10. Access and use of the Application must be carried out in accordance with the applicable legal provisions in connection with digital access or data transmission and cyber security. You are not allowed to use the Application to commit any criminal act, especially financial crime and cybercrime, among others terrorism financing and money laundering.
    3. Third Party Services
      1. The Application may display or provide contents or links from third parties that are not owned or maintained by the Insurer.
      2. You acknowledge and agree that the Insurer will not be responsible for such third party contents and/or links. Your use and access are your responsibility and subject to the terms and conditions of those third parties.
    4. Communication Confidentiality
      1. You are obligated to keep all forms of communication, information, responses to feedback, comments, suggestions, and questions in connection with the Application and/or insurance and related services confidential.
      2. The Insurer may, at its discretion, use this information, for the purpose of, among others, improving and marketing insurance products of the Insurer.
    5. Intellectual Property Rights
      1. All trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, and icons (collectively referred to as "Trademarks") appearing in this Application are registered and unregistered Trademarks of the Insurer or its affiliates, unless expressly stated otherwise.
      2. You or anyone who receives access to the Application from you, both directly and indirectly, may not copy, use or distribute Trademarks without written permission from the Insurer.
    6. Privacy Policy
      1. General
        1. The Insurer respects your right to privacy and respects the trust you have given to the Insurer, therefore the Insurer has a commitment to be responsible for using and protecting your information and Personal Data, as defined below.
        2. This section of the privacy policy will explain how the Insurer obtains, collects, uses, displays, publishes, discloses, processes, opens access, retains, sends, gives, transfers, processes, manages, destroys, and protects the information and Personal Data that you provide through the Application (“Privacy Policy”). It should be noted that information and Personal Data do not include information and Personal Data already available in the public domain.
        3. The Privacy Policy is part of the terms and conditions, so by using the Application it means that you have agreed to the enforceability of the Privacy Policy.
        4. You warrant that all statements related to Personal information or Data you disclose in connection with the use of insurance and related services through the Application are true and complete information and data as well as in accordance with the actual circumstance. You agree that if the statement is not true, the Insurer is entitled to cancel your registration with the Application, participation in the policy from the start and/or take other actions in accordance with the provisions in the policy and/or laws and regulations.
        5. By using insurance and related services in the Application, you give consent and authority to the Insurer to retain your information in the Application system. You also give consent to all forms of acquisition, utilization, and disclosure of your Personal Data or other data obtained by the Insurer or its affiliates, including disclosure to third parties, insofar as it is related to the use of insurance and related services through the Application.
        6. The Insurer is authorized to reject or delete in part or in whole your profile and relevant data deemed violating these terms and conditions and the applicable legal provisions in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
        7. You will be responsible, to the extent permitted by law, for ensuring the confidentiality of your Personal Data, especially for access to Personal Data made through your device or computer, or unauthorized access to your Personal Data that occurs as a result of your negligence.
      2. Registration, Information and Personal Data
        1. You are required to register through the Application before you can use the features in the Application.
        2. To register, you will be asked to provide the information required by the Insurer. Therefore, you are deemed to know and agree that the Insurer collects the Personal Data you provide when you register and when you use the features contained in the Application.
        3. The information and Personal Data you provide when registering in the Application include your full name and/or other identity in accordance with your Identity Card as well as your mobile phone number. In addition, you will also be asked to fill in several other Personal Data, including (i) your contact information such as e-mail and/or address for correspondence: (ii) financial, employment and health information; and (iii) credit card number; and/or (iv) media, photos or other media that you choose. “Personal Data” is defined herein as,
        4. When using the Application, you can enable or disable access to your location through the Global Positioning System technology, trackers, or other location devices. If you give access to your device to provide your location information to the Application, the Insurer will use the information to estimate your location and provide more personalized services. The Insurer will not monitor your GPS or your location information and will not retain this information.
        5. If necessary, the Insurer can make direct verification with you regarding the Personal Data that you have provided through the Application. In addition, the Insurer can also complete the information you provide online by completing it through other information and your Personal Data owned by the Insurer, including information from affiliates and vendors of the Insurer, as well as information and data obtained by the Insurer in connection with you from public and non-public records.
        6. Information and Personal Data that you provide through the Application will be used by the Insurer for the use of insurance and related services through the Application, among others:
          1. insurance application and coverage;
          2. processing insurance payments;
          3. processing claims;
          4. providing information to you in connection with the insurance products of the Insurer;
          5. sending information about health that will help you maintain your health;
          6. sending administrative information;
          7. providing and improving customer service, including through email communication or messages, or short messages, or other similar features;
          8. responding to your questions, comments and feedback;
          9. providing you promotion;
          10. providing a quote for one or more of our products;
          11. sending you surveys;
          12. authenticating or confirming your identity when you return to the Application online;
          13. carrying out the Insurer's business, such as data analysis, audit, developing new products, enhancing, improving, or modifying the Insurer's services, identifying usage trends, determining the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns and operating as well as expanding the Insurer's business activities;
          14. taking any actions deemed necessary or reasonable by the Insurer;
          15. investigating, preventing, and detecting illegal activities based on applicable law;
          16. other purposes specifically disclosed when we ask for your information.
        7. The Insurer guarantees that the information and Personal Data that you provide are confidential and will not be disseminated except for the matters set out in this Privacy Policy. The Insurer will implement physical, electronic, and managerial security standards to protect your information and Personal Data.
      3. Disclosure
        1. In running the Application and marketing insurance, the Insurer cooperates with third parties who provide services, such as website hosting, data analysis, payment processing, order fulfillment, provision of information technology and infrastructure, customer service, email delivery, credit card processing, as well as other similar examination and services. The Insurer may disclose your information and Personal Data with other interested third parties so that they can provide the required services.
        2. The Insurer may also share information about you including your Personal Data in certain circumstances, among others:
          1. complying with applicable law;
          2. responding to requests from the government or cooperating with the government on matters related to law;
          3. responding to matters related to personal or public safety;
          4. in trials, investigations, and other legal matters;
          5. investigating security incidents;
        3. The Insurer collects information about your activities by using technologies such as cookies, including third party cookies, web beacons, JavaScript code, HTML5, databases and server log files. The information we collect by using these technologies includes Media Access Control (MAC) address, operating system and version, screen resolution, device maker and model, language, internet browser type and version, version of the service you use, date and time you access the service, pages you visit, duration you open the service, general location information, and other activity data.

          This information automatically appears and may be combined with your information and Personal Data. The Insurer does not accept the "do not track" feature on the browser site. The Insurer and our third-party business partners use this information to carry out activities such as measuring the effectiveness of the Insurer's advertisements and your interaction with the Insurer's advertisements, adjusting offers and advertisements for products or services that may benefit you in the Insurer's services and third party sites, as well as for analytical purposes.

        4. "IP Address" (a number that is automatically set on the computer you use by your Internet Service Provider) can be identified and registered automatically in the Insurer's server log file whenever a user accesses the service, along with the time and visited pages. Collecting the IP Address is standard and has been done automatically by many websites, applications, and other services. The Insurer uses the IP Address for purposes among others calculating the usage level of the service, helping to diagnose the Insurer's server problems, and service administration. If you access email or social network services through the Insurer's service, the Insurer may allow the service to collect some anonymous information about your visit to the Insurer's service so that they can provide you with advertisements about the services they offer that may be of interest to you.
        5. The third party services above use cookies or web beacons to obtain information.
        6. In some circumstances, the Insurer may combine some other information with your information and Personal Data (such as combining your name with geographic location), in which case the Insurer will treat the combined information as personal information, insofar as the two information is combined into one.
      4. Unification of Information and Anonymous Information
        1. The Insurer can unify information and Personal Data so that the information and data do not personally identify you or other users.
        2. The Insurer may also omit personally identifiable information to create anonymous data.
        3. The Insurer uses such unified information and anonymous information for historical, statistical, or business planning purposes. The Insurer may also use and share this information for any purpose unless otherwise provided for by applicable law.
      5. Application User Statistics

        You hereby acknowledge and agree that the Insurer through the Application, will collect information about the use of the Application, such as the number of users, source of users, and user activities. This information is collected and used by the Insurer for the purpose of improving services to users including you.

      6. Links to Third Party Platforms

        The Application may contain links to platforms and content belonging to third parties. Therefore, for your security, you need to pay close attention to the privacy policies applied by these third parties.

      7. Security
        1. The Insurer will endeavor to the best possible extent to ensure the security of the information and Personal Data that you provide, so that the information and Personal Data will not be used by irresponsible third parties. In this regard, the Insurer recommends that you always update your Application and do not disclose your Personal Data or confidential information in connection with the Application (such as passwords or One Time Password/OTP codes) to any parties.
        2. The Insurer does not warrant that the internet data transmission or data retention system has 100% security. Therefore, if you feel that there is an interaction between you and the Insurer or other parties that is unsafe in connection with the use of the Application, please inform the Insurer immediately.
        3. You hereby also agree that the Insurer will retain your information and Personal Data on a server located in a data center located in the Republic of Indonesia specified by the Insurer.
      8. Retention Period

        The Insurer will retain and maintain your information and Personal Data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes provided for in the Privacy Policy and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

      9. Online Promotion

        The Insurer may send newsletters and electronic information about the Insurer's products or services, and other marketing communications. If you do not wish to receive marketing e-mails from the Insurer, you can unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of each of our e-mails. However, the unsubscribe feature will only be available for marketing information. You will still receive information via e-mail regarding administrative messages.

      10. Compliance and Governing Law

        Every action of the Insurer on your information and Personal Data is in accordance with laws and regulations applicable in the Republic of Indonesia.

    7. Authorization
      1. You authorize the Insurer to request, access, and/or obtain any medical records or other related documents from any parties, related to your insurance and related services.
      2. You are willing to make and sign the necessary documents, such as a power of attorney and/or approval letter, for the Insurer's purposes to obtain medical records or related documents.
      3. You authorize the Insurer to use, disclose, and/or provide information about yourself in connection with the use and implementation of insurance and related services, including to affiliates of the Insurer and to third parties.
      4. The authorization cannot be canceled including for reasons in Article 1813 in conjunction with Article 1814 in conjunction with Article 1816 of the Indonesian Civil Code.
      5. You agree to assist the Insurer in exercising all such powers.
    8. Matters related to Insurance Policies
      1. After the insurance application and coverage have been completed by you through the Application, you are obligated to pay a premium fee for a certain period for your participation in the Insurer's insurance.
      2. Payments are made via credit card where the Insurer will debit your credit card automatically for payment of the premium. Premium payments are declared settled when the premium has been received or entered the Insurer's account. Premiums for an insured under (18) eighteen years old depend on the parent or guardian's Health Insurance Solution policy holding. Premium adjustments will be made if the holding status of the insured's parents or guardian changes.
      3. You and the third party that organizes the payment service are fully responsible for the security and confidentiality of payment details and payment methods. Therefore, all forms of losses and risks in connection with security and confidentiality will be borne by you and the related third parties. You are fully responsible for all forms of payment data input including payment account details for reimbursement purposes. You cannot make changes to payment data after a payment has been completed by the Insurer. To minimize errors in the input of payment data, the Insurer will ask for your confirmation of the correctness of the data before a payment is made.
      4. You declare that you understand the benefits, costs, and risks of the insurance products offered.
      5. You represent and warrant that the premium payment that you make does not originate from and/or is for the purpose of money laundering, terrorism financing, and/or other criminal acts based on laws and regulations applicable in Indonesia. If there is an indication of a violation of the criminal act, the Insurer will perform its obligations in accordance with the policies and/or applicable laws and regulations.
      6. The Insurer will issue a policy in a digital/electronic form, which can be accessed via the Application after you have completed the insurance premium payment.
      7. A hard copy of the policy schedule will be sent to your address.
    9. Miscellaneous

      You can also contact our 24/7 service center for more information via the hotline number 1500 868.